Arthur Löwen (*1987) lives and works in Frankfurt am Main. After studying at the Mainz Art Academy with Winfried Virnich, Arthur Löwen completed his studies in the class of painting with Walter Dahn at the HBK Braunschweig. The artist has so far been involved in exhibitions in Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and in addition to his own curatorial projects, his work has been shown in group exhibitions at Kunstverein Hannover (Hannover 2015), Gerhard Hofland Gallery (Amsterdam 2020) and Carico Massimo (Livorno, Italy 2016) among others. In his paintings, Löwen carefully captures physical relationships and inscribes an aesthetics of entities into an essence-giving style. In Löwen’s latest works, his own name finds its way onto the canvas. Mirrored, they become the abstract of the imprint on the front. In his large scale paintings Löwen negotiates physicality and materiality in painting. On the other hand very specific spaces are carved in the smaller works. Their rather portrait-like spatial character engages with the viewer face to face.

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Harry Hachmeister, Tom Król, Arthur Löwen, Laura Schawelka
NEW POSITIONS Morgaine Schäfer

2021 November 17 – 21

art berlin 2019

Laura Schawelka, Arthur Löwen, Nicolas Pelzer
2019 September 12 – 15

art berlin 2018

Arthur Löwen, Maximilian Rödel, Laura Schawelka, Lisa Tiemann
2018 September 12 – 15


Arthur Löwen, Morgaine Schäfer, Laura Schawelka, Lisa Tiemann
2018 April 11 – 14

Arthur Löwen

touch me
2018 February 2 – March 24
Opening February 2 / 7pm


Arthur Löwen & Koen Delaere
2020 February 8 – extended until May
Opening Friday February 7 / 7 pm